Why a Colorado Piano site?

I will admit it. I am biased piano man. But then, what is a piano man and how did I become one. I guess I can loosely define a piano man as a person who spends a great deal of his time around pianos, either working on them or playing them or thinking about them and yes, writing about them. To some extent, my piano bias has led me into the gargantuan project of designing, writing and building a family of web sites that collectively add up to being a piano portal for Colorado; Anything Colorado Piano, Colorado Piano and Piano Talk.

What is the importance of piano and music study in our culture and educational system?

As my goal nears for turning this site into a dynamic e-commerce, resource and educational source for the people of this beautiful state and the Rocky Mountain Region, I occasionally ponder the possibilities of having some positive impact on our modern society and culture. This is where my bias comes in. I know for instance that our society is currently lacking and sorely in need of a reinstatement of music and the arts back to the pinnacle of all levels of our education system from kindergarten through graduate school.
On my sites, I have written a number of articles in which I expatiate on this subject.
What does it take to learn to play the piano?
What kind of expectations should you have for your child?
Insider tips on how to get the most out of your practice.
Music beats computers and What is the value of music education in our childrenís lives?

There are so very many important benefits of a music education and playing the piano. If I were to summarize these benefits into a sentence, it would be that in the course of music study, what the child or the adult develops more than anything else is the ability to use his or her mind for the purpose of creating beauty in this world. And god knows, in this world, we need all the beauty we can get.

Benefits of piano and music study.

Hand eye coordination
Reading skills
Developing the ability to concentrate
Thinking and processing
Develop the capacity for self critique
Developing memory
A sense of esthetics linking to nature

This list can go on and on. There is no coincidence to the fact that most highly educated professionals (doctors, scientists, etc.) studied music and remain active, proficient musicians. Albert Einstein was an excellent violinist.

Your musical diet

Music is very much like food. There is healthy, healthful music, just as there is food. So in the course of music study and appreciation, I believe that it is essential to stay on a healthy musical diet. Paul Simon recently commented that Rap ďmusicĒ has set modern music back to the prehistoric era. Suffice to say, modern research and books such as the Mozart Effect show that the kind of music we hear and have going through our minds can elevate or degrade us. Mono tonal, static and deafening heavy metal music can only dull the senses. In listening to Mozart we hear beautifully conceived, well formed melodies, textured tonalities and harmonies.
All quality Western music shares the following features. Counterpoint, sequences, form, balanced tension and release from dissonance to consonance, balance in texture and balance between melody and harmony, variety in dynamics. In addition to diet, parental guidance and support is an essential ingredient for the child to learn a musical instrument so family values are at the very core of a musical education.

How did I become a piano man?

I like to think that my mold in life was cut more from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries where musicians often tuned and worked on their own instruments, much as do modern harpsichordists. My parents were artists of the bohemian breed and I was fed art and music during my childhood. I studied at the Settlement Music School and Temple University and so on and so forth with a variety of teachers toward a Bachelors Degree in Piano Performance. During the same period of time, I was introduced to piano technology, ostensibly for the purpose of supporting myself through college. The rest is history for me. I have been doing both for the past 35 years.

How was Colorado Piano Buyers Guide conceived?

The site was conceived and designed on the following assumptions and working principles that I have drawn from my 35 plus years in the piano world.

Site Features

1. If the piano industry/business were considered to be in its entirety as one business, it would be a minuscule sector of the economy. By considering the piano business in its entirety, I will introduce to you the separate players in the piano world. The piano manufacturers, dealers, rebuilders, movers, refinishers, technicians, pianists, teachers, teacher organizations, music schools, music stores and piano bars. If we were to glob all these various categories together into a virtual single business called the piano business, we would still end up with a very, very tiny industry as compared to most major industries.
2. In reality, all the individual business professionals listed above are very dependent on each other because we all work with different aspects of piano but we all work with pianos.
3. If any one or more of the above categories were to fail, it would have a detrimental effect on the other business. Our economic separateness is and illusion and our economic dependence on each other is the reality.
4. Colorado Piano Buyers Guide family of websites attempts to do what all other so called piano portals donít do. There are piano moverís sites, piano teacherís sites, piano dealers sites and so on down the line. These sites do not simulate the reality of the piano business.
5. On Colorado Piano Buyers Guide, if you are a sponsor, you are one click away from a sponsor in another category. So if a person from out of state purchases a piano from one of the sponsored dealers, with one click, you can be found by that very same piano consumer. In other words, only on Colorado Piano Buyers Guide, can you instantly get a customer from a sponsor in a different piano business. But then, that is often how it works in the non virtual world, which is the reason I have designed the site in this fashion.
6. Colorado Piano Buyers Guides gives you the ability to answer the consumerís questions in an instant. We provide reviews, buyerís guides, on site video presentations from musical performances to video buyers guides etc. As a sponsor you can partake in an onsite auto responder marketing program where we develop leads and contacts from people who visit the site and want ongoing info about what you have to offer.
7. Compare all this to what the piano consumer currently has to do to get info on your business. Do a search on Google and go through what often amounts to a muddled list of sites that have sketchy, insufficient data and hope that you can be found. And if you are found on a quasi-partial portal, the consumers will often get only a sketchy hint of what you have to offer. If you already have a good website that is optimized and being picked up by the search engines for the keywords that you want, Colorado Piano Buyers Guide can help improve what you already have.

Whether you are a consumer or a potential sponsor reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it and found it to be useful and informative. I look forward to and would welcome your input and participation.

Eben Goresko
Founder of Colorado Piano Buyers Guide